Sweet Peas for April!

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Sweet Peas for April!

sweet pea flowerIt’s now April, Spring has arrived and all different types of florets are in season. Specifically, sweet peas, being the signature flower of April, for the month of April, are the ideal floral arrangement that you should be your blossom of choice, and the floral professionals at Clark’s House of Flowers will help you arrange the most magnificent bouquet that will be the envy of your green-thumbed friends.

sweet pea blueAvailable in a plethora of vibrant hues; from the purest white to the dark red/purple, the sweet pea is the perfect flower to give as a gift to a loved one, to plant in your garden, as wedding table centerpieces/bouquets, or to just add a pop of colored decor to liven up any room in your home.

sweet pea yellow arrangementThe sweet pea has a unique shape, small, flat and slightly curved on the edges. Complemented with some other wild florets or greenery in a vase, bowl, or bouquet, this flower is the perfect subtle and appealing accessory to any table, windowsill or hanging flower pot outside of your home.

The flower experts at Clark’s House of Flowers will ensure you a spectacular bouquet of sweet peas for whatever your occasion may be, call us today (718) 442-6453 to inquire about how we can help you arrange a lovely spring bouquet of sweet peas!


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