Submerged Flowers – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Submerged Flowers – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

mixed submerged flowers darkThere is a new floral trend on the rise for wedding centerpieces, and that is submerged flowers. Submerged flowers offer a new fashioned ambiance to the overall setting and feel of your wedding, and Clark’s House of Flowers has many different arrangements for you to choose from, so you can have the desired look for your wedding.

submerged flowers whiteSubmerged flower centerpieces, which are various types of flowers that are submerged in a tall, clear vase of water which are sometimes weighed down by stones and optionally covered on top with a candle, offer a unique and stunning new flare on the traditional wedding centerpiece. Submerged white calla lilies offer a touch of simple and polished elegance to your wedding decor. If you want to add a subtle hint of color and a mix of different florals, some submerged purple cabbage colored orchids among soft peach calla lilies.

submered flowers orangeTo kick up the color factor and to make your wedding centerpiece really stand out, some vases filled with submerged vivid orange orchids will wow your guests with admiration. To continue on the mixed variety of submerged flowers, a few pink hued roses, light purple tulips, and fuchsia orchids offer your wedding centerpiece a balance in color with the twist in a variety of flowers.

mixed submerged flowers purpleWhichever type of submerged flower centerpiece you choose, Clark’s House of Flowers guarantees that it will look nothing but exquisite. All of our floral experts are constantly up-to-date with the latest in wedding centerpiece trends. Be sure to give us a call today at (718) 442-6453 to inquire about our selections of submerged flower centerpieces.

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