Clark’s Weddings & Events – White Wedding Bouquets

Back in the day, a white wedding originated from the notion that the bride’s dress was to be white. Currently, the term is also stemming out to the bridal bouquet.   While colored flowers may be bold and beautiful, white florets appear subtle yet striking against the design of the bridal gown. White floral arrangements [...]

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Beautiful October Weddings

Clark's Florist has had the pleasure of creating some beautiful floral arrangements for Weddings on Staten Island. Here are a few centerpieces and wedding ideas that may catch your attention. If you have a wedding or affair coming up Please consider us. We would be happy to meet with you and help you create the [...]

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Wedding Invitations and Stationery For Your Special Event

Clark's Weddings and Events is proud to carry a full line of Wedding and Stationery products for your special events.  We carry a huge selection of invitations and announcements for Weddings, Engagements, Bridal Showers, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties and more. We also handle Baby Events, Religious Milestones, Graduations and Anniversary Parties.  Whatever your special event [...]

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Summer Wedding Collage

Clark's Weddings and Events has had the pleasure of creating floral masterpieces for dozens of weddings this summer. Here is a collage of some of our work.  Some of these arrnagements include colorful Roses, vibrant Gerbera, Bold Sunflowers, Calla Lilies, and more. summer is a wonderful time to get married. The ceremonies are beautiful. Clark's [...]

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Wedding & Event Design Expo

Come and see our booth at the Wedding and Event Design Expo. on May 20th 2014.  Join us for another amazing bridal showcase at Nicotra's Ballroom! Meet the best wedding vendors and see for yourself the beautiful Above Rooftop!! Get a preview of Above Weddings—Staten Island's ONLY rooftop ballroom. To register, visit:

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The White Wedding

America has adopted the traditional Western custom of the White Wedding. The White Wedding originated in Britain. The Bride wears a white dress and veil. The tradition became fashionable through Queen Victoria's wedding. The ceremony is usually followed by a reception and a  formal meal. The Bride can be adorned with flowers, like a beautiful [...]

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Planning a Wedding – Where to Start!

Whether you're looking to get the attention of a certain someone or letting her know she's the one, you can’t go wrong with a classic. A fresh bouquet of premium long-stem red roses are hand-designed by our expert florists and arranged in a ruby red vase to help your express your feelings in the most [...]

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