Graduation Bouquets & Accessories at Clark’s Florist!

Nothing compliments the day of graduation better than a beautifully vivid bouquet of assorted flowers, a gorgeous corsage, a classic boutonniere, or some cheerful balloons. Congratulate the graduate in your life with a lovely assortment of flowers and/or accessories from Clark’s Florist! Why not surprise your graduate with a bouquet filled with brightly Spring colored [...]

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Corsages & Boutonnieres for Prom

Prom season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about your corsage. We have the perfect corsage to compliment your dress. Come into Clark’s House of Flowers and our floral specialists will be more than happy to get you the right corsage for your special evening. Rumor has it that this years trend [...]

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Submerged Flowers – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

There is a new floral trend on the rise for wedding centerpieces, and that is submerged flowers. Submerged flowers offer a new fashioned ambiance to the overall setting and feel of your wedding, and Clark’s House of Flowers has many different arrangements for you to choose from, so you can have the desired look for [...]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Clark’s Florist

ORDER YOUR MOTHER'S DAY BOUQUETS NOW! CLICK HERE!   Flowers on Mother’s Day is a must. Another must is getting your Mother’s Day floral arrangement from Clark’s Florist. This Mother’s Day, we have a special list of intricately arranged bouquets for you to choose from. The “Purple Passion Bouquet” (left) is as eloquent as it [...]

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Sweet Peas for April!

It’s now April, Spring has arrived and all different types of florets are in season. Specifically, sweet peas, being the signature flower of April, for the month of April, are the ideal floral arrangement that you should be your blossom of choice, and the floral professionals at Clark’s House of Flowers will help you arrange [...]

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Easter Flower Arrangement Ideas

Easter is just around the corner. Be sure to liven and freshen up your Easter celebrations with a stunning floral arrangement from Clark’s House of Flowers! From stunningly bright yellow and white daisies, hot pink roses, blue-purple hyacinth, purple tulips and any other colored floret imaginable, your Easter will be in full bloom with your [...]

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Spring Wedding Bouquet Ideas

A bride’s wedding bouquet is not only an accessory, but the centerpiece to her overall appearance.  A bridal bouquet should be unique, complimenting the personality and style of the bride. Come into Clark’s House of Flowers and our floral professionals will help you arrange a gorgeous bouquet for your spring wedding!   A spring wedding [...]

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Race for the Ring 2015 Event!

To all the brides-to-be and women in a relationship: How would you like to have an opportunity to win your dream ring, valued at $10,000? That opportunity is available with Casale Jewelers “Race for the Ring” event! This event is like a newlywed game for dating couples, with specifically designed challenges that surround a wedding-theme. [...]

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Bring on Spring with Clark’s House of Flowers

Have you had enough of Winter? Bring in Spring with the help of Clark’s House of Flowers! We have an abundance of bright, colorful and aromatic flowers of your choice! Vibrant violet pansies, delicate snowdrops, sunshine yellow daffodils, red hot tulips, and multi-colored hyacinth are just some of the endless list of options that you [...]

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