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Autumn Arrangements

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes our seasonal Autumn Arrangements. We have a variety of arrangements, but limitless custom choices. Perfect for almost any fall occasion, these splendid arrangements will be the talk of the event. For formal events, our Elegant Love features lilies, roses, snapdragons, and more flowing from an [...]

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Fall Wedding Flowers

Lively colors of late summer and fall create gorgeous weddings that stand out. It contains deep red dahlias, golden black eye susans, yellow and orange calla lilies, and purple trachelium. Capture the magnificence of the fall season with these wonderful fall shades. In the fall bridal bouquets and centerpieces are usually made with autumn greenery [...]

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Flowers And plants To Brighten Up A Dorm Room

Life in College can be challenging. Much of a student's time is spent in classrooms, libraries and their dorm room. A student's dorm room takes the place of their home while they are away. Brighthening their dorm room up with some vibrant plants and flowers can improve decor and mood. Nothing cheers up a room [...]

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Summer Wedding Collage

Clark's Weddings and Events has had the pleasure of creating floral masterpieces for dozens of weddings this summer. Here is a collage of some of our work.  Some of these arrnagements include colorful Roses, vibrant Gerbera, Bold Sunflowers, Calla Lilies, and more. summer is a wonderful time to get married. The ceremonies are beautiful. Clark's [...]

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Succulents – The Latest Floral Trend

The latest craze in floral arrangements are combinations of Succulents with Orchids, Calla Lilies, Hydrangea and other similar flora, for a Zenlike feel can brighten your home or office. Some of these arrangements can be given as potted plants that can thrive for long periods in most conditions. For those of you not familiar with [...]

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Summer Wedding tips for Flowers

While choosing flowers for the big day make sure you select ones that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Look for flowers with a waxy texture to guarantee staying power. Flowers including Hawaiian blooms and orchids (cymbidium and dendrobium orchids) are a great option. Ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies, and even roses are great [...]

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Gorgeous Summer Flowers

Summer flowers enhance your garden. Summer-blooming flowers provide remarkable color of the entire year, whether they are late summer flowers, annual summer flowers, or perennial summer flowers. Clark’s Florist has come up with a list of gorgeous summer flowers to brighten up your garden and home. Dahlia: Dahlias are considered one of the most adaptable [...]

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Flowers Budding Video

We came across this beautiful budding flower video and had to share it with you.  We think flowers are awe inspiring things of beauty, and we hope you do too.  Feel free to share this with a friend. We hope it brightens your day. Let Your Dreams Blossom Into Reality at Clark's House of Flowers.

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Funeral Arrangements

At Clark's House of Flowers, we understand that the passing of a friend or family member can be difficult. Honor their memory with one of over 100 funeral arrangements, wreaths, and baskets. Standing arrangements come in a wide variety of colors and layouts, including hearts, crosses, and sprays. We even have arrangements for urns. Whatever [...]

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